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City of Thorns


The Necropolis


Terminal Peace


Midnight Crossroad


Day Shift


Night Shift


The Godkiller: Ch. 1
Seespace Labs


Christmas in Space
Villainous Corp


DCS: Operation Agile Spear
Combat King Simulations

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Midnight Burger
Business Goose Media

Audio Drama

The Strata
Beyond the Dark Productions

Audio Drama

The Dead
Bloody FM

Audio Drama

Life with LEO(h)
Atypical Artists

Audio Drama

Emma Johanna Puranen

Audio Drama

Liars & Leeches
Hemlock Creek Productions

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"VA Durousseau—who consistently gives one of the best performances of the half-season—shines in these last moments, and the setup of Alyss bouncing her ideas off of Ship makes for the most natural-sounding narration of a character’s physical actions in the show so far."

~Rashika Rao, Heard Work

"Have you ever considered voice acting or doing voice over work? What would it take to be a voice actor and how hard is it to become a good one? Featuring Nhea Durousseau."

~Rad & Shank, Hosts of Unrequested


I had many good options to choose from in auditions for a part. But I went with Nhea because of the details in her wonderful read that made me feel something.

~Erik Hermansen, Seespace Labs

"Hey Nhea, what’s it like being so goddamn talented and breaking hearts left and right [as Alyss Obelus]?"

~Ali Hylton, Creator of Dining in the Void and Human Error

I have now had the pleasure of working with Nhea twice and she is everything I look for in a voice actor—talented, communicative and prompt, with a great feel for characters. The audio she provided was consistently clear and high quality. I'm looking foward to working with her again in the future!

~ Mark R. Healy, Beyond the Dark Productions

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The VAs are very well chosen with individual and recognisable voices and I have to give a particular shout out to Nhea Durousseau who had so many scene-stealing moments!

Nhea Durousseau

/NAY-uh du-ROO-so/

A warm and authoritative voice with natural texture and a mid-low tone. Based in the DC area.

Available Connectivity: Source Connect Standard, Zoom, Skype, and Discord

Nhea Durousseau

Creators pluck stories out of their heads and drop them into other people's heads, and Nhea helps them do this by giving their characters a voice. With experience in ADR/dubbing (live-action and animation), localization, indie games, and audio drama—along with a background in community theater and a childhood spent reading anything she could get her hands on—she can bring your character to life.Nhea is a current student at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Writing, Literature & Publishing from Emerson College and has received voice training from Dave Fennoy, Mick Wingert, Crispin Freeman, Richard Horvitz, and Wes Johnson.


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